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Top 10 Corporate Social Media Disasters Strong social media campaigns have the ability to greatly alter a brand’s image. While companies can experience time of profit and increased brand notoriety, poorly constructed social media campaigns can be poisonous. This article … Continue reading

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Social Media, Replacing the Traditional Holiday Greetings?

I was browsing around Mashable.com and discovered this article about Social Media (specifically Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube) being the new means of sharing holiday cards with family and friends, rather than good ole snail mail.  http://mashable.com/2013/11/20/christmas-cards-social-media/ Personally, I don’t … Continue reading

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How to Totally Freak People Out Simply With the Info They Share in Social Media

Ahhh this is super relevant to what we talked about today! This comedian looks at social media sites and freaks people out by approaching them and telling them how much information he knows about them just from what they’ve posted. … Continue reading

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Schools Monitoring Students’ Social Media This article from the New York Times, “Warily, Schools Watch Students on the Internet,” speaks about school officials’ rights to monitor what students are posting online. The general argument is over the rights of the … Continue reading

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Vycarious: The Next Big Thing? Vycarious, a new social application, allows you to create your own and follow your friends’ “experiences.” This app is created to let you live vicariously through what your friends are doing and vice versa, to … Continue reading

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Law Enforcement Gets Own Social Media Sites

There is a Facebook just for cops– 20for25.com launched two weeks ago as a closed, secure social media site “for cops by cops.” Before law enforcement officers can complete registration, 20for25 (“10-20” is standard police code for a location report, and “10-25” … Continue reading

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State of Social Media Advertising

I have thought a lot about the effectiveness of advertising through popular social media sites. I sometimes find the banner ads and overflow of flashing information on Facebook to be annoying– but I do notice it, nonetheless. I definitely understand … Continue reading

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