Social Media Lends Itself to Sandy Hook Video Release Controversy

Yesterday, the police tapes from the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary that occurred almost a year ago were released to the public. There has been a lot of controversy over this release in which people have shared their opinions via social media and comments on news’ sources websites. Some people, including myself, believe that the videos are just sad reminders of the terrible incident when 20 1st graders and 6 adults were shot. However, many others believe that the videos symbolize bravery and calmness  that the first responders had during the first few moments the shooting began.

Although a very sad example, I believe this controversy relates to the overarching idea that social media lends itself towards individuals sharing their opinion, as it is very easy and accessible for anyone to share how they feel to the world in the matter of seconds.

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Follow Up on the Tulane Football Presentation

First of all, I thought y’all did a great job. As someone who actually cares about Tulane football I really enjoyed your ideas. I just quickly looked up some facts about the LSU/Tulane rivalry that I thought I’d share.

The Battle for the Rag began in 1893, with Tulane winning 34-0. The game has been played 98 times, with Tulane winning just 22. This was a pretty heated rivalry, that culminated in a riot after Tulane beat LSU in 1938.

tulane-LSU-RagIn 2006, the two teams agreed on a 10 year contract where we would play every game. After LSU beat Tulane 42-0 in 2009, LSU offered to buy out the rest of the contract for $700,000, stating that it was not worth it unless all future games were played in Baton Rouge. Tulane accepted the offer, and both parties agreed to play once more in New Orleans in the future.

Now, apparently LSU and Tulane have begun talks to potentially open the 2015 season with a game in the Superdome.


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Top 7 Social Media Trends That Will Dominate 2014


Not sure if anyone has seen or posted this yet, but I thought it brought up a few shocking points:

The author if this Forbes article gives his predictions about which social media sites will survive and which will fall.

The first shocker was the prediction the Google+, the joke of social media will be become a “major factor”. Also, he predicts that “Myspace, love it or hate it, will grow.”

Click Here and see why…

If the link doesn’t work, here is the URL:

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Dear Internet, Thank You for Introducing Us

This article humanizes the world of online dating, how far it has come and how wide-spread it is, with a very “brooklyn” flair.

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2 million Facebook, Gmail, Twitter etc passwords stolen in hack

In a massive hack 2 million passwords were stolen off of various websites. The virus was capturing log-in credentials for key websites over the past month and sending the information to a server controlled by the hackers. Trustwave notified the companies of the breaches but they don’t know how the virus got onto so many personal computers. It is scary to think how easy it is for hackers to get that many log-ons in a months period without notice. Trustwave was most worried about ADP because the hackers could potentially mess with companies pay-roll. I think we underestimate how easy it is for hackers to get private information and we should take higher precautions with security on our personal computers.

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The future of Linked In

Just thought this was an interesting article as many of us revise and improve our Linked In profiles in the hopes of finding leads on jobs and internships.  It has certainly changed the way we think about HR but it doesn’t seem like it has found a way to really replace traditional recruiting and networking and it’s unlikely that  either I or the majority of professionals would be willing to pay for a premium account.

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Viva Las Vegas

There is no doubt that everyone has seen the “What happens here, stays here” commercials and print advertisements promoting Las Vegas. Similarly, I’m was confident that everybody associates Las Vegas with fancy restaurants, night clubs, and gambling; clearly I was wrong. Since the economic recession, the tourism industry in Las Vegas has struggled to bounce back to what it was, specifically appealing to Generation X. For some reason they have not been, and will never be as “into casinos” as their parents were, and Millennial’s are going to be broke for a very long time. 


To read more about how the city of Las Vegas plans to increase tourism, click here.

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