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Twitter Retargeting Comes to Mobile

Twitter announced today that it has updated its mobile capabilities so that marketers can better reach their target audiences on mobile devices. This new feature, Tailored Audiences, allows companies to reach consumers via Twitter who have shown interest in the … Continue reading

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What Do Instagram Advertisers Actually Get for Their Money?

What benefits does the new Instagram advertisement feature provide for companies? As shown in the chart below, with sponsored posts, companies experienced a huge increase in average daily likes.    Ultimately, there is a lot of value in the number … Continue reading

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Just 47% of Facebook Users Get News From the Social Network

Have you ever wondered which social media channels most people obtain their news from? Statistics revealed that only 47% of Facebook users say that use this social media channel to obtain their news. These results also revealed that the most … Continue reading

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Digg Introduces Video Section

In a desperate attempt to reinvent itself, Digg launches a new section of its site Digg Video. This section just consists of a list of videos that are popular on Digg. Digg has decided to create this section because it … Continue reading

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Users Log in With Facebook instead of Creating New Accounts Online

Facebook is truly taking over in many areas of the online world. Users are now logging in with their Facebook accounts, instead of creating new accounts online for third-party applications and websites. Recent data has shown that out of the … Continue reading

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Get Ready For Creepy Friend Requests: Facebook Disables Option To Have Profile Omitted In Search Results

  Facebook has decided to yet again decrease its privacy settings by removing the “Who can look up your timeline by name?” option. Previously, users were able to control which users whether their profiles could be found using the search … Continue reading

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Twitter Unveils Emergency Alert System

How do you receive emergency alerts? Personally, I receive my emergency alerts through my iPhone notifications. Now, Twitter has released its own Emergency Alert System. I found this article to be impressive because it truly reflects how today’s is evolving … Continue reading

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