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  1. nwaks2013 says:

    This morning I had a mini freak out. I opened my Linkedin page and everything was gone. All the hours I spent putting in my experience and skills were wasted. I brought my page all the way to “Expert” status, and now I was at “Just Beginning.”

    I did not understand and wanted to contact someone at Linkedin and find out what happened. Did someone hack my page? Was there a virus? Or was my computer just freaking out.

    I searched the website and could only find a help center. This help center only allowed for FAQ’s. There was no phone number, email address, or chat service to talk to a customer service rep.

    I was livid. I then went to every persons’ go to for an answer: Google. Upon my Google search I discovered the unthinkable: there was no way to call Linkedin.

    I found this article in my dire search and felt defeated. How is it possible that a company like Linkedin keeps itself so distant from its customers?

    Reading this article I realized that I was not the only person who faces this problem, and Linkedin does not care.

    Now, I was lucky because it appeared that my problem was just a glitch and everything came back, but it certainly got me thinking. What would I do if all of my work was lost forever? Linkedin is not like a word document you can save and back up to your external drive in case you computer crashes. Plus the people in the article brought up very basic issues like changing a password. What would I do if I had a serious problem that I could not fix and had no way of getting a hold of someone at Linkedin?

    The crazy answer is: I have no idea.

    I found it astounding that a post Amazon/Zappos company could take something as fundamental as customer service and slap it in the face.

    Linkedin is still a fairly new website, and it’s value is just starting to become substantial. All new companies and websites face glitches and learning curves, I just hope that Linkedin sees the error in its way before another website takes over and make it irrelevant.


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