Twitter Retargeting Comes to Mobile

Twitter announced today that it has updated its mobile capabilities so that marketers can better reach their target audiences on mobile devices. This new feature, Tailored Audiences, allows companies to reach consumers via Twitter who have shown interest in the brands. As of now, if a consumer visits a retailer’s website (i.e. Nike), Nike can serve Promoted Tweets to that user. With the advancement of Twitter’s technology, now this capability extends to mobile devices.

I believe that this is going to be an extremely effective strategy for retailers. A majority of consumers are constantly on their mobile devices. Not only will companies be able to reach their consumers via a new platform, but also they’ll have the ability to gain more insights into consumer behavior. Do you agree?

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One Response to Twitter Retargeting Comes to Mobile

  1. So it begins… Twitter is now public, and it needs to come up with new places and ideas to serve ads in order to increase its revenue.

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