Social Media in 2014: What It’s All About

      Stumbled upon this interesting article about the future of social media and what it will look like heading into 2014. Basically, the article identifies four unique trends that will steer the direction of social media in this upcoming year. The first trend is the realization that the age-old expression “a picture is worth a 1000 words” applies to the different facets of the internet. People would much rather see a story from a picture than read some mundane text describing something. This will be reflected in heavy marketing allocations to Pinterest. The second trend is that new types of ads will start popping up on both Pinterest and Instagram, so companies that recognize the new outlet now will benefit the most. The third trend is the incorporation of visual user-generated content. The author predicts that companies will cut through the clutter to provide a means for consumers to instantly purchase products that their peers are wearing and using. The last trend is that E-commerce will get social–meaning that brands will start to harness “social cues” and pretty much report how products are performing in social networks. The author ends with the suggestion that social media has evolved. No longer can ‘likes” be a goal but sales will ultimately be the bottom line.

Do y’all think the author has valid points and suggestions?

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One Response to Social Media in 2014: What It’s All About

  1. I’m surprised that the article is so bullish on PInterest. I think that it is a great site, but it definitely does not have as broad appeal as Facebook, or even Twitter.

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