Follow Up on the Tulane Football Presentation

First of all, I thought y’all did a great job. As someone who actually cares about Tulane football I really enjoyed your ideas. I just quickly looked up some facts about the LSU/Tulane rivalry that I thought I’d share.

The Battle for the Rag began in 1893, with Tulane winning 34-0. The game has been played 98 times, with Tulane winning just 22. This was a pretty heated rivalry, that culminated in a riot after Tulane beat LSU in 1938.

tulane-LSU-RagIn 2006, the two teams agreed on a 10 year contract where we would play every game. After LSU beat Tulane 42-0 in 2009, LSU offered to buy out the rest of the contract for $700,000, stating that it was not worth it unless all future games were played in Baton Rouge. Tulane accepted the offer, and both parties agreed to play once more in New Orleans in the future.

Now, apparently LSU and Tulane have begun talks to potentially open the 2015 season with a game in the Superdome.


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2 Responses to Follow Up on the Tulane Football Presentation

  1. I completely agree with you Owen that this team did a great job! I think they should share the idea with the graduates currently managing Tulane football social media. I know I would definitely follow and interact with their posts if the football team had more of a social media presence!

  2. hacammer says:

    Thank you Owen and Haley, we are glad you enjoyed. I really hope we do play LSU in 2015, because the only way our program can grow is by playing top tier talent. Not only will it make our team better, but those are the kind of statement games that can really invigorate the student body and show that Tulane is for real once again.

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