Tuna is a Sensation

I recently heard about a dog named Tuna when my roommates became obsessed with him. I consider him to be a pretty ugly dog but at least 600,000 people probably disagree with me and think he is adorable and therefore follow him on instagram. Tuna was rescued after being abandoned and is now a social media sensation. Five years ago, we would never hear about Tuna, but with the quick spread of information and the huge presence of social media in our daily lives, Tuna can now be a part of your regular Instagram feed and viewed whenever you want. You can even buy Tuna merchandise. Without the use of social media this dog would not be significant to anyone other than its owner but today it wracks up tens of thousands of likes on every photo, and had a ridiculous amount of followers. 



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2 Responses to Tuna is a Sensation

  1. mwollstein says:

    I think it’s pretty amazing that this dog is survivor and everyone loves a good a “underdog” story but I don’t think that the adopted owner should be profiting from this.

  2. I’m speechless. As nice as the story is, the fact that this dog has 400,000 Instagram followers just blows my mind. I’m sure there are thousands of social media managers, who can’t even crack 1000 followers, looking at this story completely befuddled.

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