The future of Linked In

Just thought this was an interesting article as many of us revise and improve our Linked In profiles in the hopes of finding leads on jobs and internships.  It has certainly changed the way we think about HR but it doesn’t seem like it has found a way to really replace traditional recruiting and networking and it’s unlikely that  either I or the majority of professionals would be willing to pay for a premium account.

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2 Responses to The future of Linked In

  1. anoymer says:

    Although Linked In doesn’t appear to be replacing traditional methods of recruiting I believe it is important in maintaining business connections. Among college students I believe Linked In will only become more popular as the job market becomes more and more competitive.

  2. alexandrapcohen says:

    During Freeman Days, someone who worked at Linked In gave us a lecture on how to use Linked In. The main idea he tried to convey was that Linked In, as Alexandra mentioned, is important in maintaining business connection, but also it is important in creating new connections. If one uses Linked In features in an effective way, he or she can establish a connection that can lead to a job offer. Also, following companies on Linked In is useful because HR will often post new opportunities. Ironically, the person who worked at Linked In said for a college student seeking an entry level position with a smaller network, a premium account is not completely necessary.

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