Digital Marketing Trends in 2014

Navneet Kaushal discusses what he believes are the Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2014. It’s interesting because many of them aren’t new and are already widely used. The 5 trends are:

1. Location-based Marketing
2. Social Media Diversification
3. Content Curation
4. More Video Marketing
5. Remarketing or Ad Re-targeting

We’ve touched on many of these trends in class and discussed how certain social networks are far more popular but after reading some of the comments on the article, I began to rethink each one. One user commented saying Google+ was going to be the next big thing for small businesses. That is possible but I think more of the population needs to be on Google+ first otherwise it won’t reach a broad enough audience.

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2 Responses to Digital Marketing Trends in 2014

  1. samrothery says:

    I think its very interesting/odd that Location Based Marketing is #1. Location-based social platform like Foursquare are hard to control. A handful of negative reviews, even among a majority of positive reviews dilute the credibility. It has been difficult for sites like FourSquare to break into local markets (perhaps because when you run a business you have to be more involved with your customers in the area/local community?). Additionally, there aren’t many benefits for the consumer, especially tangible ones. Foursquare doesn’t offer much to its users unless that user is already a part of an active network.

  2. As we discussed in class, location based services offer a lot of promise, but no one has truly figured out what is the right way to use them, which is why I think they are treating location as a future trend.

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