Why Traffic is the Best Metric

This article claims that traffic is the most important metric to consider when analyzing your website. Without traffic, you cannot analyze things like conversion, CTR, or any other metric. 

While I do agree that traffic is important, I believe this article overemphasizes its importance and is a bit misleading. Obviously any website needs traffic to be successful, but I disagree that it is the main metric you should focus on. Aggregate visits mean nothing – conversions and actions are more important. What good are visits if people aren’t behaving the way you want. It is better to analyze behavior.

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2 Responses to Why Traffic is the Best Metric

  1. alexandrapcohen says:

    I completely agree with you Harry. Just because a person visits the site, it doesn’t mean that the person is fully engaging with the site. Analyzing the person’s behavior on the site is a much better indicator. For example, when a consumer visits an online shopping site, such as Amazon, traffic would not be the most important measure, rather it would be more beneficial to obtain metrics on consumers’ purchase behavior.

  2. I agree. As we talked about in class, reach is clearly an essential metric to look at, but if that is all that you look at you will be missing out on very important insights.

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