Should We All Be Building a Social Media Analytics Startup When We Graduate?

Yesterday, Apple Inc. acquired a social media company called Topsy Labs for $200 million. Topsy Labs is a social media search and analytics company that specializes in analyzing Twitter data. Specifically, the company has indexed every single tweet ever sent and has made them searchable (much like Google does for the web). When I brainstorm the future of social media and the question of whether Twitter will exist 10 years down the road, I believe this acquisition provides a powerful insight that Twitter is not going anywhere because there is a huge opportunity to utilize the data Twitter generates – and Apple just jumped on it.

An interesting question this leads me to ask is how does Apple plan to use this data with their primary strength being a hardware company? Will it change Apple’s next big launch or will they simply use it as confirmation for their current marketing techniques? Perhaps it will subsequently lead Apple to have a bigger presence on Twitter and other social media networks.  Apple did not give any clues away – and I’m excited to see what they are going to do next.

Startups such as Topsy Labs that focus on analyzing social media data may jut be the right field for all of us to enter when we graduate…

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2 Responses to Should We All Be Building a Social Media Analytics Startup When We Graduate?

  1. monicahovis says:

    Reblogged this on ISM Group 4 and commented:
    Should we all start building a social media analytics startup??

  2. anoymer says:

    I think this is a smart move for Apple to invest early on in the industry of analyzing social media data. I believe this acquisition signals that this industry is very lucrative and will continue to grow in the future.

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