Improving LinkedIn Presence for B2B Companies

Although we talk a lot in class about how to manage the online presence of consumer brands and firms, I think it is much more difficult managing the social media presence for B2B companies. The content is usually significantly more boring and harder to market and attract customers, and businesspeople are usually harder to reach due to busy schedules and irregular time spent on social media platforms. However, one online platform in which businesspeople frequently refer to during their business days is LinkedIn – whether it be to connect with other businesses or to look up the CV’s of prospective employees and customers. The website below gives recommendations as to how a B2B company can manage their LinkedIn social media presence using Oktopost. I thought the auto posting feature was really interesting and something I have never heard about. Check out the rest of the suggestions below!

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One Response to Improving LinkedIn Presence for B2B Companies

  1. I think one of the most important features of this platform is that it has integration (with the ‘premium’ version).

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