Apple Buys Topsy, a Social Media Analytics Firm

This New York Times article announces Apple’s purchase of a social media research company, Topsy Labs. People are questioning why Apple would need the services of a company like Topsy. In the article, the author consults credible sources on their opinion of why this acquisition occurred. The underlying theme is that Apple will probably utilize Topsy’s services to better understand customer insights about Apple products, specifically on Twitter, and also help better direct Apple users to apps, music and other features. It seems that Apple is always making moves that no one can predict–I’m curious what’s next.

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2 Responses to Apple Buys Topsy, a Social Media Analytics Firm

  1. I had not seen that you already blogged on this topic before I posted about this as well. As I mentioned in my post, too, I wonder how Apple plans to use this data. I believe the acquisition gives us key insights as marketers into the future of social media and just how powerful the data these companies are sitting on really is. What’s also interesting is that a lot of social media data analysis is a new industry that is constantly changing and far from mature; and I believe Apple Inc. will set a precedent on how to utilize this data to increase overall profitability of a firm.

  2. This is really interesting. I’m sure a year from now Apple will come out with some new feature for its products that will make sense of this purchase…

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