Attack on Online Reviews

Since we discussed online reviews in class and how effective they are I thought this was a great article. It made my blood boil that a company actually did this. I wonder if this will start to discourage people from online reviews now and if this does in fact get to the Supreme Court like this couple hopes, if this will change the landscape of online reviews.


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4 Responses to Attack on Online Reviews

  1. alexandrapcohen says:

    Our discussion in class about online reviews made me debate the effectiveness of them. I constantly go back and forth on whether I think they are beneficial. For the consumer, they are obviously beneficial because consumers can hear about other consumer experiences. On the other hand, for the company, this could evidently destroy its brand image. I believe that consumers should have the freedom to write about their experiences, but also maintaining a level of appropriateness at the same time. Companies need to be careful about how they respond to online reviews. A court case may drive consumers away; instead, companies should focus on addressing the issues based on the negative feedback.

  2. This is so ridiculous! Everyone knows you never read the long tiny printed document labeled “Terms of Service” when you’re doing online shopping. Half the time it is already checked off for you. I think this is very deceitful of companies to do and I am surprised the article states that more and more companies are adding in this type of language in fine print. I would think companies would not go down that road as it would stir up so much negativity around a brand (as it clearly did for, and it is much harder to fix a brand image when something like this occurs to it.

  3. ssack2013 says:

    Yea, this is crazy. will now be infamous for this incident and be known and hated for being so petty about one bad review. Instead of responding positively and offering to make it up to their unhappy customer like a good company, they completely ruined their image. In my eyes, they will forever be remembered as the company files a lawsuit because they can’t handle criticism. The worst part is that it was THREE YEARS LATER!

  4. daniellemarshall92 says:

    This article also makes me question the validity of online reviews. Companies need to accept that not everyone will be satisfied with their product or service. should have responded to the bad review by apologizing to Palmer about his bad experience and offer them more help. That way, others would know that they are trying to do what they can to make their customers satisfied. Another issue with online reviews is that companies often hire people to write fake reviews about the service or product to get their ratings up. This, combined with the fact that companies are fining people for bad reviews, really makes someone question if these reviews are valid.

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