Amazon Prime Air

In this article Amazon talks about a new way of delivery. CEO Jeff Bezos wants to use aerial drones to deliver packages up to 5 pounds to any customer within 10 miles of a fulfillment center. Amazon has paved the way for fast delivery. It would not be surprising if they are the first company to make this work. With technology getting more and more complex this would be another way for Amazon to remain number one as an online retailer with the best delivery service. 

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5 Responses to Amazon Prime Air

  1. ddoukas says:

    I already love Amazon prime and think it is an incredible service — didn’t think it could get any better, but I guess they are always exceeding expectations!!! Truly an amazing company.

  2. katiefriedlander says:

    I agree. The Amazon prime program is incredibly impressive–quick deliveries, great customer service, etc. E-commerce is constantly growing and evolving and this new initiative could change the game for online merchants.

  3. When I originally read this article I thought it sounded so cool too – and definitely confirms that Bezos is thinking into the future to maintain Amazon’s competitive advantage in online retailing. Amazon’s competitors should be listening closely and developing their own unique ideas if they want to hang around for another few years…

  4. An interesting question is why did they release this information on the specific date that they did. Could it have something to do with Cyber Monday?

  5. natklein92 says:
    this article talks about how whether or not the idea is actually feasible it was definitely a good PR move especially with cyber monday.

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