Real-Time Analytics on Facebook

The Facebook Insights application has been around for a while but up until now it could not provide real-time analytics, sometimes taking up to 4 days for a business to find out if a new advertising / marketing campaign was working.  This could potentially mean financial loss for a company.  The application has been upgraded so now you can find out in minutes if and what is working and make changes quickly.  You can see if your targeted marketing is working by looking at where your fans are located, their age and gender.  You can get stats on the amount individuals interact on a post.  Also, you can compare strategies that have worked in the past that may not be working now and dive into the data to see what’s different today and why.  This upgrade has tremendous advantages –one question:  could there be a tendency to react too quickly?

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2 Responses to Real-Time Analytics on Facebook

  1. alexandrapcohen says:

    As someone who used Facebook Insights on a weekly basis in my job this past summer, I found a lot of flaws with the application, especially in regards to unique visitors and clicks. Because there was no way to obtain an accurate sense of how our targeted marketing was working other than clicks, our reports often did not provide us with the information we needed beyond knowing the characteristics of the visitors who clicked the article. I think that there may be a tendency to act quickly because of the many advantages the updated application is going to provide for companies; however, I think that most companies are going to proceed with caution until they feel comfortable enough with the new additions to the application and realize the benefits it can provide for them.

  2. I think this is great. Even though there might be a risk of reacting too quickly, it is important to know whether something is going wrong in real time so that you can address it.

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