How Social Media Marketing is Changing

I thought this article posted two days ago on Forbes was very interesting because it points out why the most common forms social media marketing are no longer working, and it emphasizes the importance of engagement as a partial solution. Last class, we discussed where we thought different social media sites were headed in the future, and I think that this article agrees with the fact that things are and will continue to change in regards to social media.

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2 Responses to How Social Media Marketing is Changing

  1. samanthaoppenheim says:

    I found this article to be very interesting and agree that it ties in perfectly with our last class lecture. I think the most significant lesson this article provides is a reminder that companies should focus upon building their credibility and constructing messages that resonate with their target audiences. Because social media platforms simply serve as channels through which these messages are delivered, less effort should be expended on choosing the “right” channel and more should be spent on crafting the right message.

  2. Although I agree with the main message of this article, its first argument as to why old forms of social media don’t work, that clickthrough rates of ads are very small, ignores the fact that these ads don’t affect choice through clicks (as we talked about in class).

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