Bound 3

I think this is an amusing article discussing celebrities making viral videos. I think this is a trend that we will see continue to grow. Viral videos is an easy way for celebrities to promote themselves and their agenda. Enjoy the Bound 2 parody if you haven’t already seen it.


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I have been a Lakers fan since before I could put together full sentences. Despite having two older brothers, I was always the one my father could count on to curl up on the couch with him and watch the Lakers.
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2 Responses to Bound 3

  1. ifine8 says:

    Celebrity endorsements are a great way for company’s to gain exposure via social media with out making it seem like the celebrity was being paid. I have been following this independent skate shop on instagram for a while now and they have not had more than 500 followers. After celebrity surfer Anastasia Ashley tagged it in one of her post how she got a bunch of cloths and a new skateboard there, the next day they had 2k followers.

  2. This also benefits the celebrities, so it is win-win.

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