Taking Advantage of LinkedIn

Strategies that make meaningful connections on social media sites are sometimes difficult to figure out.  This article suggests that you can go ahead and join 50 LinkedIn groups (the maximum), but you should focus on 5-10 well-managed groups to get the most out of it.  With LinkedIn’s enhanced search features, you can locate discussion groups /topics that are most relevant to your needs and goals (eg there’s a Tulane alumni group).  Another way of networking is to find more engaging participants by going to a corporate-sponsored group.  These members are probably more active and more current on issues of interest to you.  Additionally, you can serve as a leader on discussion forums and set the tone for others to follow. The so-what of all this is that for LinkedIn to be effective for you as a social media site, you have to find the right match of a small number of high quality groups that have the same interests and goals that you have.

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2 Responses to Taking Advantage of LinkedIn

  1. This is good advice, and consistent with best practices of networking in general.

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