Social Media, Replacing the Traditional Holiday Greetings?

I was browsing around and discovered this article about Social Media (specifically Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube) being the new means of sharing holiday cards with family and friends, rather than good ole snail mail.

Personally, I don’t believe that this will become common practice. Maybe my family is more old fashion than others, but one of the most “magical” parts of the holidays is sending out individual cards in the mail to family and friends. Sending out these physical, individual, personalized cards and messages allows my family to show our extended family, close friends, long-distance friends, etc. that we are thinking of them, and sincerely wishing them a happy holidays. 

Will this switch from Snail Mail to Social Media take away from the sincerity of the cards message? Do you think we will see this happen this Holiday Season? When do you predict it will become common practice?

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3 Responses to Social Media, Replacing the Traditional Holiday Greetings?

  1. libbyarganbright says:

    My family is old-fashioned too and there is nothing I love more than getting holiday cards in the mail addressed to “The Arganbrights.” However snail mail may be up and coming as a environmental issue. A lot of people are going green– social media greeting cards could prevent a lot of waste and allow individuals to share their warmth with more people.

  2. coshmith says:

    I, too, have great love and appreciation for the physical, U.S.-post delivered cards. It wouldn’t be the holiday season without a refrigerator front full of warm, familiar faces of family and friends beaming at me from every angle. Much to my dismay, I feel that e-cards are probably a direction we are inevitably headed. Just last month I received an e-vite for a baby shower. Libby brings up a good point concerning going paperless for environmental purposes. It seems there are many good reasons and indications that e-cards may take over once the older fashioned generation fades out.

  3. This is actually an interesting idea for a business. People might like a holiday card service which would allow them to keep the cards they receive from year to year. That way you can easily look back at all of the cards you have gotten over the years.

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