Class Comments 11/19

The broader impacts of a company, or more globalized concepts, are reinforced in my Relationship Marketing class. This is all from Marketing 3.0, which tries to reach deep to connect to people’s emotion and marketing is more aware of societal contributions and globally making the world a better place. I also think that if the “post pictures of the craziest party at your school” contest was fine. It would’ve been more ethical if they changed the names of people who posted the pictures to further increase the anonymity aspect. Otherwise it is unfortunate that people may have been represented in the photographs, but whoever took pictures at the party should have had an obligation to get consent to take pics that would be posted online. It is also interesting to generally consider that people cheat a little bit. Is there any correlation between that and if other people think that others cheat? It reminds me of preemployment surveys to see if someone is more likely to cheat or steal, just based on if they think people would cheat given an opportunity to do so, because then generally everyone would fail those types of surveys more frequently.

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  1. Regarding cheating, I think it is much easier to recognize it in others, so while you might convince yourself that what you are doing is fine, others may not agree with that judgment.

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