Buzzfeed, it’s the Real Deal

I am coming clean and saying that I just recently discovered Buzzfeed, and it has been one of the greatest discoveries of late for me. Now there is no specific article that I am quoting, but rather I want to take this time and talk about the social media and its greatness. 

Even though it recently became popular, Buzzfeed was founded in 2006, and it serves a platform for a series of updated articles, pictures, posts, and messages all in one place. The website is more or less a combination of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Tumblr. Different posts can be made by the Buzzfeed Staff, as they quote articles they found or recent events in the news. The ladder part of the previous sentence is what surprises me the most: how up to date, up to the minute, Buzzfeed really is. I was sitting at my computer one day and I noticed that I had two new Buzzfeed articles. After I clicked refresh on the web browser, I saw a picture of an airplane with a title that described what happened at LAX just a few seconds ago. Just like Twitter, Buzzfeed, as seen here, serves as a way to get minute by minute breaking news with complete truth in the story. 

Facebook and Twitter are different than Buzzfeed because on the two social media Goliaths you can only scroll through the sites for a certain amount of time before covering everything that you can cover. With Buzzfeed, on the other hand, the articles are never ending, which makes a never ending scroll bar on the web browser. 

To sum this all up, I believe that Buzzfeed is here to stay. And eventually, just like the most recent social media venture that turned down a buyout (Snapchat), somebody will offer billions and billions of dollar to this eventual Goliath of a social media creation.

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One Response to Buzzfeed, it’s the Real Deal

  1. It’s actually pretty amazing how much mileage they have gotten out of simple listicles, and other forms of simple content. Its like internet candy.

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