Twitter Beef!


How should we deal with threats on twitter?  And social media in general?  Here J.R Smith of the Knicks seems to threaten Brandon Jennings, saying his “street friends” will “get him”.  As a society, do we take comments like this in jest, or do we have to look deeper into them and take them for serious?

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2 Responses to Twitter Beef!

  1. As with the previous post about Twitter and sports, I think all of these comments should be taken seriously, and players need to watch what they say on social media.

  2. sarahproman says:

    I think this is a great example of people relying on the informality of social media. Social media is quickly becoming on the most used ways to express one’s feelings and people need to realize that they should not post anything on the internet that they would not want their grandmother or future employer to see. Celebrities and sports players especially should be setting an example considering that their social accounts are some of the most widely seen and shared.

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