How to Rebrand an Image by Miley Cyrus

Whether you like or dislike Miley Cyrus, marketers cannot deny the changes she made to achieve her goals from rebranding her image. Thanks to The Official Moosylvania Blog, the bloggers defined three steps to rebrand.

(1) Pick your new identification – how to you want your company or product to be perceived?


Get a haircut


Rock your haircut







Create an image that you can carry throughout your strategy. Miley always stays in character with extreme hairstyles, frequent twerking, and panting like a dog.

(2) Create a timeline.


(3) We can’t stop.

Be persistent. Stay consistent.

Thank you for your wisdom, Miley Cyrus.

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2 Responses to How to Rebrand an Image by Miley Cyrus

  1. noahsbbt says:

    I can only respect the fact that she is growing up and wants to erase the little girl image she previously held. By having new music videos with artists that can help her achieve this new found image she is able to associate with them to change the appearance and the perspective of her audience.

  2. This also illustrates an important point: your own personal brand is one you should pay attention to and try to actively manage (although probably differently than how Miley does it).

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