The Importance of Merging Online and Offline Marketing

This article discusses the importance of connecting a company’s online and offline marketing efforts. Although we’ve covered this topic in class, the article delves deeper into the topic and explains how to create a seamless brand presence. To merge these two marketing worlds, a company can either direct viewers to social media through traditional advertisements, or employ social media to spark offline sales. Thus, the benefits of merging these two marketing arenas are twofold. A few ways to spur online activity including using Twitter hashtags in TV ads or QR codes in print ads. Conversely, online marketing can be used to create awareness and build preferences for offline purchases, such entertainment events or restaurant visits. To maximize the success of these efforts, companies must also ensure that their marketing presence is relevant. Can you think of any additional ways to merge online and offline marketing?

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One Response to The Importance of Merging Online and Offline Marketing

  1. This is an important point which I have mentioned in passing from time to time, but it is worth emphasizing more. Online and offline marketing aren’t truly substitutes for each other, but rather they should be seen as complements, each with unique strengths and weaknesses.

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