The ‘Not So Good’ Side of Social Media

We have been talking about how social media can be a very successful way of marketing, advertising, promoting, etc., and can build substantial profitability for companies. But what about the negative side of social media? College admissions have been searching students’ social media presence and judging admission status based on the students’ posts. Prospective college students have been getting their acceptances revoked due to inappropriate/”dumb” statements or photographs on sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Is this fair? When are the schools going too far? Social media is making it easy for college admissions or potential employers to screen prospective students and judge them on simply a picture. Is social media becoming a platform to analyze people? Even one sentence that sounds “wrong” posted on a social media site can ruin the individual’s chance of getting accepted into a school.

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One Response to The ‘Not So Good’ Side of Social Media

  1. I wonder how common this really is. Given how many applications a college needs to process per year, it seems like it would be virtually impossible to look up a sizeable portion of the applications on social media.

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