Twitter Announces Its IPO at $26

This afternoon Twitter announced its initial public offering at $26 a share. The company intends on selling 70 million shares during the offering and are estimated to raise $1.8 billion. The company will begin trading on the NYSE tomorrow morning (Thursday November 6). How will Twitter fare as a publicly traded company?


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2 Responses to Twitter Announces Its IPO at $26

  1. ddoukas says:

    The Twitter stock is already trading at $43 a share, so I presume that their decision to go public was a smart move. I think Twitter will take a more steady, slow rise than Facebook stock, simply because it has less site traffic but a more steady group of regular users that will continue to generate revenue for the site. If you wish to read a prediction of where the Twitter stock is suspected to be in 6 months, see:

  2. I am very curious to see how this pans out. I wonder if Twitter really has a long term profitable model, since unlike Facebook, they don’t have a vast amount of proprietary data that they can leverage for ads.

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