Sumpto Offers Free Stuff!

Sumpto is an interesting startup company that targets top social-media influencers at colleges across the country and then sends students free gifts from brands in hopes that they will share the products through social media. I think its a great idea as many people are motivated by free useful products especially college students. They give away all kind of stuff like t-shirts, sunglasses, and headphones and all one has to do is continuously tweet, post and share photos. Check it out, maybe some of you guys will sign up!

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2 Responses to Sumpto Offers Free Stuff!

  1. This seems like a more modern version of BuzzAgent, which we talked about in class.

  2. Hey guys- thanks for the write up and discussion on Sumpto. I know this was shared a few months back, but would love for the opportunity to speak to your class about Sumpto, how it’s different than BuzzAgent, and any other ways it could help your class discussion. Feel free to email me- ben at sumpto dot com. Thanks!

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