Mothers With Children Under 5 Most Active on Social Media, Study Says

A new study finds that the most active social media users are mothers with young children. These women are twice as likely to post on social media than the average US citizen. Moreover, mothers of children older than 5 are less active on social media. I find this information rather surprising. Based on your own experiences with social media, is this what you would expect? 

A more surprising statistic, however, was reported in a similar study that found that 38% of children under 2 use mobile media. How do you think this will affect buying behavior of mobile devices? Will elementary schools soon need to rely on mobile technology?

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2 Responses to Mothers With Children Under 5 Most Active on Social Media, Study Says

  1. This makes sense to me. Young moms are tech savvy, their kids use up a lot of their time, so they need a more efficient way to communicate with their friends, plus they now have a non-ending supply of baby pictures to share with the world.

  2. cmclaugh2013 says:

    This makes sense to me as well. My sister is a new mother in her late 20s and she uses Facebook like CRAZY. Mostly uploading pictures of my niece from her iPhone and telling the world things like “too crabby for life right now” lol. When I shared this article with her she said “Gutta get my adult talk in somewhere!” As far as mobile devices go, she does not own and iPad. Statistically speaking though this should make for a great gift…. to bad I don’t have the $$$ 😦

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