Disney attempts to Piggyback with Grumpy Cat

Disney and Disney Parks attempt the piggyback technique to help its YouTube videos go viral. Would you share this video?

Grumpy Cat Finds Her Disney Side


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3 Responses to Disney attempts to Piggyback with Grumpy Cat

  1. samanthaoppenheim says:

    I think Disney’s decision to employ the piggybacking technique by featuring “grumpy cat” on a visit to one of their theme parks is an interesting choice. The Grumpy Cat YouTube phenomenon, which began with one video that has acquired an impressive 13 million views, is still a current and widely searched YouTube trend. As a result, this Disney video will be encountered in people’s search for grumpy cat videos. Additionally, the content of the video, a lethargic cat strolling through an amusement park, is highly unexpected content for a Disney promotional video. This aspect of the video will increase the chances of it being shared.

  2. katiefriedlander says:

    I find it interesting that Disney has decided to use a “celebrity” who became one because of social media. It seems like the use of celebrities in advertising may be changing. This video puts an interesting spin on the “happiest place on earth” and shows all Disney has to offer while telling a story that viewers want to watch. I do think Grumpy Cat’s followers will come across this video and share it. If it is mentioned on cat-related blogs, buzzfeed, and other social media platforms. it will gain substantial exposure.

  3. daniellemarshall92 says:

    I think that this Disney ad is effective and that people will share it. Grumpy Cat has gained a tremendous following over the past year, and people continuously watch videos of her. Disney did a good job with this video because it used something that was already popular and applied it unexpectedly to the Disney Parks

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