class comments 11/5

I think the most effective way to find keywords is to think of how your consumers would search for you. You should also look into keywords that your competitors use and include the misspellings/variations of your company or brands/products you sell. On a side note, other things your company might be mistaken for should be added to the blacklist of keywords, or keywords that you do not want to be shown up for in the results. This will minimize PPC costs from people who are searching for the wrong things by clicking on your ad. Also, when writing ads for PPC, do not have any misspellings because that takes away from your credibility and people might not want to click on your page. People are also more likely to click on ads that have more ad extensions, so they can be easily directed to page links for stuff such as your address, contact information, work hours, etc. If you use some sort of commands like “visit our site now!” or create a sense of urgency like “limited appts available” and that will also increase the amount of clicks on your ad. 


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  1. As we discussed in class, having a clear call for action, and having your targeted keywords appear both in your ad and landing page are essential for for your quality score.

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