Using Commercials for Security Phrases

I was just on ticketmaster and when I went to search for available tickets for a show, a box popped up prompting me to type in the “security phrase”. This wasn’t unusual because security phrases are often used on many different sites and are normally a set of letter and numbers in a strange font or with a colorful background. However, this time, I had to click on an ad which started a dish soap commercial. As the commercial played, a banner was displayed at the bottom telling me my code was “triple action clean” which was fitting with the product. I thought this was very interesting and new form of online marketing/ advertising, and I am curious to see how prevalent this method will become. Has anyone else ever come across this or have any thoughts about it?

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2 Responses to Using Commercials for Security Phrases

  1. I’ve never seen anything like this, although I wonder if it can backfire by angering consumers who are forced to watch a commercial in order to make a purchase.

  2. amilman says:

    I have not heard or seen of anything like this either. However, I think this idea could help certain companies so long as the commercials are shorter than 10 seconds and get straight to the point. It might be more beneficial to just show the product and place the banner with the statement about your entered code next to it. I think this technique can work as long as it’s not overused and irrelevant.

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