Social Media: Helping Us through the Health Insurance Maze

Social media is currently being used to rescue health insurance exchanges!  Virtual classrooms on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ have formed to help answer questions from confused health insurance shoppers.  Exchange staffers post content online in response to inquiries from struggling consumers.  One group, Covered California, for instance, has used their Facebook page to host live chats.  They have also hosted live-blogging portals on Reddit and CoverItLive and posted YouTube videos that interviewed people who have successfully enrolled for healthcare insurance.  Covered California as well as various organizations in other states are acting as educators with a goal of making people feel comfortable with their purchase.  These groups are using social media to blast out messages to consumers and counter any negative comments and/or confusion about the state exchanges almost immediately. This type of outreach to enroll especially young, low-income, currently uninsured people has been innovative and well supported by established healthcare organizations.  While the Federal insurance exchange sign-up has stumbled in recent weeks because of technical malfunctions, enrollment campaigns utilizing social media are busy planning strategies to ensure success and rapid sign-up over the next few weeks.  Without the assistance of social media, the task of signing up millions of people in a relatively short period of time with little to no hand holding would be nearly impossible.  This is a great example of how social media can be effectively used to solve what has been an enormous challenge.


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One Response to Social Media: Helping Us through the Health Insurance Maze

  1. This might be another situation where the previously discussed Google helpouts might be very useful.

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