Google Helpouts Uses Online Video for Teachable Moments

Google just launched a new program called Google Helpouts, which use Google+ Hangouts to connect a customer to an expert for a one-on-one online video session. This expert can visually show and talk a customer through various tasks ranging from simple tasks like applying makeup properly, to more complex ones like teaching a customer how to play an instrument. This online video session will create a brand new market for experts to sell their skills and customers to learn new skills. I think this program launch is only the beginning for what is to come in the future of one-on-one training sessions. This program will give people the ability to connect to an expert whenever they need help, which will be much more efficient than the usual tutor scheduling.  I think this program will be successful, especially as more and more experts sign up and compete for customers through lower price offerings. It could potentially be much cheaper for customers than in person tutoring sessions because of the lower opportunity cost of experts and the new highly competitive marketplace.

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One Response to Google Helpouts Uses Online Video for Teachable Moments

  1. This is a really interesting idea. I think it could be very successful, especially for some categories, like technology where many people need help.

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