Free Cone Day Campaign – Ben & Jerry’s

Hi all! 

I thought this article discussed a really interesting story about how Ben & Jerry’s used a single, annual social media campaign which ended up covering 10% of the population (700 million people)! The story truly demonstrates that a little incentive, promotion, or freebie can really go a long way in regards to consumer attitudes and behavior. The “Free Cone Day” campaign used three platforms of marketing strategy: owned media (website), earned media (consumer-generated polls), paid media (targeted social media strategies/hashtags to generate awareness and interest). I think this three-fold approach really lent itself to the success of the overall campaign. The article similarly states that this integrated approach proved to be successful. Let me know what you think!


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2 Responses to Free Cone Day Campaign – Ben & Jerry’s

  1. sbl125 says:

    I think this social media campaign is a great way to create buzz and free publicity for Ben & Jerry’s. For the people that go to the promotion, this will be a free opportunity for Ben & Jerry’s to gain new customers who might be unsure about their product offerings. Even for the people who don’t go, this promotional event will still be spread through word-of-mouth with friends going or friends spreading this event on their own personal social media.

  2. I wonder how they came up with the 700 million number. That simply cannot be correct.

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