Class Comments 10/29 and 10/31


People are more likely to speak about a poor review than a good one. There is some statistic such as poor experiences are more likely to get around than a good review. There is a reason for the discrepancy in amount of positive/negative views mostly because they remember a poor experience more than a positive one ( Also unless there is an incentive, I feel like not many people I know review things for free. For example, I am more likely to fill out a survey to be entered in an iPad drawing than doing a survey for nothing in exchange.


There are also more efficient ways to view information about keywords, such as using keyword spy, or keyword kung fu. They can tell you information about what sites are currently using which keywords and the competitors’ budget, not just volume of a certain keyword. These insights might allow you to add to your list of keywords that were not previously thought of for your online marketing campaign.

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One Response to Class Comments 10/29 and 10/31

  1. amilman says:

    In response to the class on 10/29, I agree with ajensen2. People need incentives to encourage them to positively fill out a survey. I recently purchased a dress online from and a week later, I received a follow up e-mail thanking me for my purchase. The e-mail also included a statement asking me to fill out an evaluation regarding my purchase. The link was not only for the company, but specifically for the dress I purchased. A direct link made the process of writing the review much easier. All I had to do was click on the link and I was taken to the correct page. I did not have to search Bebe’s website for the evaluation page specific to my dress. The incentive to fill out the survey was reciprocity. They thanked me for my purchase, which made me appreciate the company for taking the time and effort to make me feel like an individual. Their thanks made me want to give something back to them! I think Bebe has a great tactic for getting more reliable and positive reviews.

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