Instagram Ad Launch Day

Today while scrolling through my Instagram newsfeed, I came across a photo of a gold watch with colorful macaroons in the background. After doing a double take, I realized that this photo was not posted by one of my friends- it was a Michael Kors advertisement. As mentioned in a post by one of our classmates earlier this week, Instagram has decided to start featuring paid advertisements in users’ newsfeeds. Today happened to be this infamous “Instagram Ad Launch Day,” and this Michael Kors ad served as the first paid advertisement. The image itself does not look like an advertisement because it does not contain a logo, slogan, or any writing at all. I, personally, was not offended by the ad, as I found it visually appealing and not disruptive. Did any of you see this ad today? If not, take a look at the link posted below.

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3 Responses to Instagram Ad Launch Day

  1. I saw this ad as well. It reminds me of the twitter promoted posts. These ads do not bother me because they are not inhibiting the use of these social media apps. Instead, advertisers can subtly sneak their way in by pushing these images to users without consumers realizing. As a consumer who utilizes social media including twitter, facebook. instagram, etc. I am still going to use these tools regardless of a random paid ad. I’m curious to see the results of these promoted posts and pictures for the marketers.

  2. I think this is another great example of what we discussed in class today. The ads will likely work, but not by driving traffic directly, rather through awareness and branding.

  3. katiefriedlander says:
    In this article, a new study reports that Instagram is the fastest growing social medium today. It goes on to say that luxury brands have become most engaged on Instagram and foster the most activity with followers. I think it is very strategic that companies are tapping into Instagram as a means to increase brand awareness. However, I predict that consumers will eventually feel overwhelmed with advertisements and the ads will lose value. I am curious how Instagram will monitor and limit the inundation of ads as this continues.

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