“Virgin America Made an Airplane Safety Video You’ll Actually Want to Watch”

This goes along with our discussion of making something go viral. Virgin America has a way of making air travel much more modern. If you’ve never been on a Virgin America plane this is what you can expect: black leather seats in first class, white leather seats in coach, pink/purple lights illuminating the cabin that change with the time of day, TVs in the seats so you can play games, watch movies, and even chat with someone in a different seat, and the capability to order food right from the TV and have it brought to you as if by magic. 

Virgin America had a previously hilarious safety video, but this new one is AWESOME. 

Seriously watch it: 


I have no doubt that this will go viral very soon. 


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3 Responses to “Virgin America Made an Airplane Safety Video You’ll Actually Want to Watch”

  1. sweisser says:

    That was definitely the first flight safety presentation I have ever fully paid attention to. Beyond the production value, I think what they did really well in the video was breaking up the different segments of the instructions into different music styles with different characters. The video is long (although necessarily so) and breaking the video up into these different segments help keep it interesting. While the opening/closing song was great, five minutes of that song and style would have begun to bored me, even if there was nothing else to do on the airplane. So these smart breakups of song/style were the real key to making this a great video in my opinion.

  2. sydlicht says:

    While I commend their creativity and enthusiasm, I thought it was way too long. Check this one out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4UpQdOcL_c
    It’s live which is so cool, engages the passengers (makes them feel special) and is just about two minutes. This flight attendant made the round on talk shows and was even featured on CNN.

  3. sbl125 says:

    I normally just ignore the flight attendants and blast music over them, but if they discussed safety like this video I would definitely pay attention. This video will get all the attention of the passengers, which will ensure they are aware of safety. In addition, the entertainment factor about this safety video will make this usually annoying procedure actually enjoyable. Both flight attendants and passengers will benefit from this because both sides will enjoy be either watching or participating. Passenger enjoyment will lead to repeat business. Most importantly, Virgin America benefits from the free publicity and buzz, proven by this post.

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