Users Log in With Facebook instead of Creating New Accounts Online

Facebook is truly taking over in many areas of the online world. Users are now logging in with their Facebook accounts, instead of creating new accounts online for third-party applications and websites. Recent data has shown that out of the many social logins, people use Facebook 51% of the time in comparison to Google Plus, Yahoo, Twitter, and Linked In. An increasing number of users are making the choice to use their social logins because its more convenient than creating a new username for every website. As of August, Facebook had over 850 million login events per month! 

Personally, using Facebook as a login in depends on what app or website it is. For example, I would use a Facebook login for a gaming app, but would never link my Facebook to my LinkedIn.

How likely are you to use Facebook as a login for the various apps and websites you use?

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2 Responses to Users Log in With Facebook instead of Creating New Accounts Online

  1. I agree with the article that the big draw for logging in with Facebook is how easy they make it. I find it so much easier to remember just one password. I also chose which apps and sites I sign into using Facebook carefully. Like you mentioned before, I would never connect my LinkedIn account and my Facebook. I also find that I prefer to keep things like physical locators off and keep some things anonymous for safety and privacy’s sake. It will be interesting to see how this trend develops.

  2. Of course the biggest winner in all this is Facebook, who gets access to even more data that it can use to target ads.

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