A video that makes you rethink social networks

The video attached to the link below highlights some key points about social media outlets that are not the common way to look at online activity. It discusses how people “collect friends like stamps” and makes interactions on social media completely superficial. Posting or talking to some one on social media on through their electronics inhibits genuine conversation because what is said is so controlled. People can edit what they want to say and refrain from posting or sending it until it portrays them exactly how they want. There is no opportunity for such editing in a face to face conversation because people can talk without expertly choosing their words with everything they say. The ultimate point of the video is about how social media can end up making people feel more lonely than if it did not exist, but the part that resonated with me the most was about the quality of interactions. Quality of interactions has decreased dramatically through social media sites because of all the editing that goes on. People make their profiles and posts based on how others will view them, which limits the genuineness of interactions between people on these social media sites.


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One Response to A video that makes you rethink social networks

  1. I think that like we previously discussed on the blog, whether social media leads to better or worse social interactions depends on how you use it. If you use it to keep in touch with people you might have lost contact with otherwise, it can be very good. If you use it as a substitute for real social interactions, then it can backfire.

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