Vycarious: The Next Big Thing?

Vycarious, a new social application, allows you to create your own and follow your friends’ “experiences.” This app is created to let you live vicariously through what your friends are doing and vice versa, to help ease the pain of “fomo” (fear of missing out). Competing with Twitter, Facebook, and others in the crowded social media sector will be a trying task. After an extremely successful launch last week, I’m interested to see if Vycarious will be able to a) survive and b) thrive. 


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4 Responses to Vycarious: The Next Big Thing?

  1. coshmith says:

    Click on the title to link to the article! I’m posting it below as well:


  2. samanthaoppenheim says:

    Like many topics we have discussed this semester, I think luck and whether or not “influentials” find the app interesting and worthy of using will determine the success of this application. To me, the application seems like a combination of Twitter and Pinterest. The concept of posting and following experiences represents a more profound and detailed tweet, while the DIY nature of the posts reminds me of Pinterest. Since both of these social media sites are so popular, perhaps this app that combines their most optimal features will likewise be a success.

  3. I wonder how documenting your experiences in such a detailed manner affects your enjoyment of the experience?

  4. Luke Zheng says:

    Thanks for the article @coshmith!

    For us, the main goal is to reduce the clutter and randomness of “moments” (a pic here, status there) in these other social networks. We think the story that leads up to a “moment” (aka the experience) is very important and makes such “moments” meaningful. We also discovered many “moments”, while serving a purpose to inform friends, are rather fleeting. An experience, however, is encapsulated and can be learned especially from people who aren’t necessarily in your circle (we are a very open network).

    We’d love to hear from your thoughts and suggestions!

    (twitter: @onvycarious email: support@vycarious.com)


    Co-Founder & CTO
    http://www.vycarious.com – Share & Discover Life Experiences!

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