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I love Yelp and Urbanspoon and definitely use those two apps to compare restaurant options or see what is available in the area. These apps are very well-developed so I have not really considered looking into other options. However, a new app called “Chewsy” seems promising and has differentiated itself from the other apps because you can discover specific dishes of food rather than types of restaurants. Additionally, users can see what specific dishes are recommended nearby by specific friends, allowing users to find the food they want, wherever they are. I am going to download and explore this app more to see if it has something worth using. This article from explains more about this application:

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2 Responses to Review Sites and Apps

  1. In theory I really like this idea, since I don’t care how good the food is on average at a particular restaurant, but rather how good the dish I plan on eating is. That said, this service will only work if a lot of people adopt it, since they will need a lot of reviewers to have a good number of reviews for each dish at every restaurant in a particular town.

  2. alexandrapcohen says:

    I would definitely use this app! Before going to a restaurant, I always check the menu out on UrbanSpoon, so that I can have an idea of what I would order. This app would extremely helpful for me and would allow me to get the detailed feedback and opinions I need on specific that I seek before trying a restaurant. Sometimes the reviews on Yelp and UrbanSpoon are too specific and don’t provide me with enough information to make a decision. Definitely going to download this app!

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