Google Analytics for SEO optimization

This article really relates well to our upcoming class discussion this Thursday. Its a free tool Google has that gives you lots of crucial information on people viewing your website, such as demographics of these people and what keywords they are searching for. It can be very useful for businesses if they want to change their content to market more efficiently.

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3 Responses to Google Analytics for SEO optimization

  1. While I agree that Google Analytics can provide useful insights about your costumer’s behavior online, I think that the increasing number of cases where the organic search term is not set is really limiting some of its usefulness for SEO.

  2. enaron says:

    It’s also worth mentioning that in the last Google update, Google restricted the amount of data available to Google Analytics users. I read an article on it that specifically mentioned that Google was making it almost impossible to track where your traffic sources were coming from. Instead of indicating ‘organic search’ or ‘facebook’ or whatever, Google Analytics will just say ‘other’. Which, I guess is more related to paid advertising and targeting than to SEO.

  3. sydlicht says:

    I find Google Shortened URL to be a great way to track traffic to a particular link. Specifically, it is helpful for Twitter. The company that I interned for had an international audience, so it was helpful to see the demographic information of the people who clicked the link from Twitter or from our company Blog.

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