Cell Phones as a Means of Social Media Marketing


This article does an excellent job of illustrating just how convenient the use of a cell phone is to someone engaged in a marketing campaign for both the marketer and the target audience.  Many great points were made to show us that there isn’t really anything that we could do on a laptop that we can’t do on a cell phone today.  As someone who checks his email more phone than a laptop, I agree that the cell phone does play a huge role in a successful marketing campaign.


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2 Responses to Cell Phones as a Means of Social Media Marketing

  1. daniellemarshall92 says:

    I agree that cell phones play a huge role in social media. Because people are constantly with their phones (not the case with computers) and with the growing popularity of having data on their phones, I believe that people will start accessing social media from their phones more than from a computer. Having social media capabilities on a phone is a convenience for those who are not typically at their computer throughout the day, and I believe companies can benefit greatly from marketing through social media if they can make sure their ads are seen on mobile apps.

  2. I agree that we are moving towards mobile devices, although I do think that it is still difficult to manage a whole market campaign from your cellphone. Some aspects of it are still easier to manage from an actual computer.

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