Yes, Pharma gets Social Media.

The first link here asks the question – “Does Pharma Get Social Media?”  and the second link explains the difficulties.   This summer I did a marketing internship at Sanofi Pharmaceuticals.   The second link is about how sanofi has helped diabetics by using Facebook and Twitter.  But there are lots of issues pharma has to deal with in this space – people post things like – my doc told me to take my med every day but I only take a couple of times a week – or worse, someone says they had a serious side effect- or someone encourages people to try a drug for an indication that isn’t approved.   These are all big issues and the industry has to be very careful about engaging in two-way conversations because whatever they do has to be acceptable to FDA.   Sanofi has found a way to walk the balance.

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2 Responses to Yes, Pharma gets Social Media.

  1. Very interesting article. It really seems as though Sanofi has figured out how to walk the fine line that pharma has to deal with because of all of the regulations.

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