Obama 2012 Campaign > Obamacare

Based on the Obama 2012 Election and Social Media campaign we read about in a case, one would think Obamacare would be ready for launch October 1, 2013. Obama’s 2012 Election was instrumental in social media, connecting voters, and grassroots fund-raising whereas Obamacare fell short of functioning. The DailyBeast rants about differences in tech preparation under the leadership of Barack Obama. 

Obamacare lacked the testing needed for a technology launch with so much hype and health care opportunities to everyone, especially low-income families. 

To sum it up: The Obama campaign rocked. It was awesomely awesome in its awesomeness. Obamacare? More like used tinker toys in a world of killer apps and drones.

Where do you think Obamacare went wrong? How could the 2012 Election Campaign been implemented into Obamacare in the generation of technology and mobility?

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