Job Searching Using Social Media

After today’s guest speaker, Megan Hargroder, I realized the impact social media has on getting a job.  Social media allows for you to connect with a company’s of your interest.  Sometimes the social media websites can provide you with more relevant information concerning the company.  Staying up to date with a company allows you to correlate your goals with the company’s values.  Megan talked about the importance of a cover letter.  One way to ensure that you will have a good cover letter is to make sure you sound passionate and that your goals align with the company’s goals.  Using twitter and other social media sites to find new information shows you are up to date with the company’s goals and emphasizes your passion about the company.  Not only do you have to follow the social media of the company but you can also use social media to help establish and brand yourself.  The following link shows ways that you can use social media to help you get a job:


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3 Responses to Job Searching Using Social Media

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  2. katiefriedlander says:

    I definitely agree. I make sure to follow any companies I find interesting or that I could see myself working for. You can learn a lot from a company’s Facebook, twitter and instagram that you could never gather from a job posting or company website. I’ve even gotten interview questions like “do you follow us on instagram?” or “What do you think of our Facebook presence?”

  3. Those are great interview questions, since they really test whether you have gone through the effort of researching the company.

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