Invest on Twitter NOW!

After facebook, Twitter will also begin to trade on New York Exchange. the IPO price will be $20. Will Twitter will win more market share on social media industry after go stock listing? I doubt so. But I may invest twitter for social media is such a exploding industry with huge potential.

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2 Responses to Invest on Twitter NOW!

  1. djuillet says:

    Twitter’s IPO pricing is great marketing. The company wants to distinguish its brand from other social media IPOs like Facebook and AOL, by setting a fairly low offering price – and it wants to make sure it doesn’t make the same mistake Facebook made with its bumpy start. By coming in low the company has gotten a lot of attention – creating buzz and excitement to attract investors to the Twitter brand. In the final analysis, the initial price is only the beginning. As one analyst predicted in this article, Twitter is shrewd and the market price could rise to $50.00 by year end.

    So, with an IPO price of $17.00 to $20.00 and a possible rise to $50.00 within a few short weeks, Twitter creates great press. The company’s IPO and the possibility of more than doubling their market value very quickly could end up being a case study in success. Heck, if the price is that low I may invest in it too.

  2. It is still unclear to me whether Twitter has a truly profitable business model. Facebook has access to an incredible amount of information that it can use to target ads, but it is unclear what value Twitter can offer advertisers.

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