Instagram now has ads

Instagram is going to be putting paid advertisements in users’ feeds. How do you see this effecting Instagram users? Will there be backlash? I personally think nobody will care enough for it to stop them from checking their instagram feeds on a daily basis.

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2 Responses to Instagram now has ads

  1. samanthaoppenheim says:

    Although it is inevitable that Instagram users will complain quite a bit about these paid advertisements, I also don’t anticipate that the ads will stop regular users from checking their feeds.Regular users who check Instagram several times of day will not be likely to completely sever all ties with this social networking site over this issue. The ads will definitely frustrate and serve as an inconvenience to users at first, but I think they will quickly get used to them. For example, when Facebook initially began to feature paid advertisements, a great deal of users were up in arms and threatened to boycott the site. Despite these initial threats, a majority of users have maintained their normal Facebook usage patterns and are hardly bothered by the advertisements.

  2. I agree, users will get used to them quickly, and within weeks will barely remember that there was a time with no ads.

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